Markus Schu

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An IC for consumer electronics TV sets performing 100 Hz interlaced / 60 Hz progressive scan rate conversion has been designed. Picture-in-picture, split screen and picture improvement capabilities are also integrated. It applies a motion-compensating algorithm for high-quality scan rate conversion. PIP processing is performed using a full frame based scan(More)
This paper presents the next generation of a highly integrated low cost single-chip video processing system-on-chip with outstanding feature content and performance. The IC unifies the complete processing chain between tuner output (CVBS) and RGB processing. It comprises an improved motion adaptive algorithm for high quality de-interlacing and upconversion(More)
The reduction of gaussian noise is still an important task in video systems. The presented scheme consists mainly of a subband based recursive temporal filter adapted to special properties of the human visual system. This filter is supported by a spatial filter with low hardware expense, which consists of an image analysing highpass filter bank and an(More)
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