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BACKGROUND & AIMS Protocols for enhanced recovery provide comprehensive and evidence-based guidelines for best perioperative care. Protocol implementation may reduce complication rates and enhance functional recovery and, as a result of this, also reduce length-of-stay in hospital. There is no comprehensive framework available for pancreaticoduodenectomy.(More)
Malnutrition concerns up to 50% at in-hospital admission. Its diagnosis and treatment are fundamental parts of the surgical approach because nutritional status directly influences the clinical outcome. The Nutritional Risk Score (NRS-2002) represents the recommended screening tool by the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN). Patients(More)
Background. Surgical stress during major surgery may be related to adverse clinical outcomes and early quantification of stress response would be useful to allow prompt interventions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the acute phase protein albumin in the context of the postoperative stress response. Methods. This prospective pilot study included 70(More)
Audition in bats serves passive orientation, alerting functions and communication as it does in other vertebrates. In addition, bats have evolved echolocation for orientation and prey detection and capture. This put a selective pressure on the auditory system in regard to echolocation-relevant temporal computation and frequency analysis. The present review(More)
BACKGROUND Three-port laparoscopic appendectomy is considered standard in many countries for the surgical treatment of acute appendicitis. Single-incision laparoscopic technique has been recently introduced and is supposed to minimize the aggression induced by surgery. Regarding appendectomy, comparison with standard laparoscopy, benefits and drawbacks of(More)
BACKGROUND Extrahepatic Portal vein aneurysm (EPVA) is a rare finding that may be associated with different complications, e.g. thrombosis, rupture, portal hypertension and compression of adjacent structures. It is being diagnosed more frequently with the advent of modern cross-sectional imaging. Our review of the English literature disclosed 13 cases of(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the current study was to assess whether widely used nutritional parameters are correlated with the nutritional risk score (NRS-2002) to identify postoperative morbidity and to evaluate the role of nutritionists in nutritional assessment. METHODS A randomized trial on preoperative nutritional interventions (NCT00512213) provided the(More)
Current source density (CSD) analysis assesses spatiotemporal synaptic activations at somatic and/or dendritic levels in the form of depolarizing current sinks. Whereas many studies have focused on the short (<50 ms) latency sinks, associated with thalamocortical projections, sinks with longer latencies have received less attention. Here, we analyzed(More)