Markus Rilk

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This paper proposes an efficient pairwise surface matching approach for the automatic assembly of 3d fragments or industrial components. The method rapidly scans through the space of all possible solutions by a special kind of random sample consensus (RANSAC) scheme. By using surface normals and optionally simple features like surface curvatures , we can(More)
— In this video we show our current prototype for robot assisted endoscopy. The system requires only few and simple instructions from the surgeon, in order to guide the endoscope in an intelligent, autonomous, and safe way: The surgeon tells what to do and the robot decides how to carry out the task by choosing the best manipulation primitive in every(More)
Similarities and dissimilarities can be found in many natural as well as man-made structures and are an important source of information , e.g., for isolating defects or pathological regions, and for finding unique points and regions of interest on surfaces. This paper introduces a new approach for computing similarity information that can be used, e.g., for(More)
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