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We study wave propagation in periodic and frequency dependent materials. The approach in this paper leads to spectral analysis of a quadratic operator pencil where the spectral parameter relates to the quasimomentum and the frequency is a parameter. We show that the underlying operator has a discrete spectrum, where the eigenvalues are symmetrically placed(More)
Deepwater lifting applications are becoming increasingly important for the oil and gas industry. The dynamic response of the lifting system, i.e. the rope and the attached payload, to the wave-induced motion of the crane tip is of great interest for subsea lifts in order to guarantee safety. In this paper, a nonlinear discrete model of the lifting system is(More)
Ocean wave energy is a promising renewable energy source that can be converted into useful electrical energy using wave energy converters (WECs). In order for WECs to become a commercially viable alternative to established methods of energy generation, operating the WEC in an optimal fashion is a key task. Thus, model predictive control (MPC) is an(More)
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