Markus Reinhardt

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The performance of wireless MIMO systems is known to suffer significantly from fading correlation between the antenna elements in a poor scattering environment if the transmitter is non-adaptive. However, acquiring accurate short-term channel state information to control TX adaptivity can be a serious problem, in particular in FDD systems. Thus, we are(More)
Theoretical results on MIMO capacity maximization suggest the decoupling of the MIMO channel into independent subchannels with optimum waterfilling on these subchannels. Those results inspire the development of real systems that diagonalize the MIMO channel and adaptively control the modulation on each of the resulting subchannels. In this paper we study(More)
— We present an analytical performance evaluation of a Rayleigh fading MIMO link with matrix transmit prefiltering, channel correlation at transmitter and receiver, and spatially colored Gaussian noise for arbitrary two-dimensional signal constellations based on a tight union bound of the pairwise error probabilities. Asymptotic results for the high SNR(More)
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