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Human HDAC isoform selectivity achieved via exploitation of the acetate release channel with structurally unique small molecule inhibitors.
Herein we report the discovery of a family of novel yet simple, amino-acid derived class I HDAC inhibitors that demonstrate isoform selectivity via access to the internal acetate release channel.Expand
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Identification of orally available naphthyridine protein kinase D inhibitors.
A novel 2,6-naphthyridine was identified by high throughput screen (HTS) as a dual protein kinase C/D (PKC/PKD) inhibitor. PKD inhibition in the heart was proposed as a potential antihypertrophicExpand
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Synthesis and fungicidal activity of tubulin polymerisation promoters. Part 1: pyrido[2,3-b]pyrazines.
BACKGROUND The excellent fungicidal activity of [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines suggested the search for further analogues with improved properties. RESULTS A series of novel trisubstitutedExpand
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Investigating the Structure-Activity Relationship of the Insecticidal Natural Product Rocaglamide.
The natural product Rocaglamide (1), isolated from the tree Aglaia elliptifolia, is a compelling but also challenging lead structure for crop protection. In laboratory assays, the natural productExpand
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A short and efficient preparation of methyl-[1,2,4]oxadiazolium derivatives with plant-inducing activity.
  • Markus R Dobler
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  • 19 March 2004
We have developed a concise and efficient synthetic method leading to a structurally diverse array of salicylic acid and oxadiazolium derivatives, starting from commercially available halogenatedExpand
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