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Maintenance costs make up the bulk of the total life cycle costs of a software system. Besides organizational issues such as knowledge management and turnover, the long-term maintenance costs are largely predetermined by various quality attributes of the software system itself, such as redundancy and adequate documentation. Unfortunately, many quality(More)
Maintainability is a key quality attribute of successful software systems. However, its management in practice is still problematic. Currently, there is no comprehensive basis for assessing and improving the maintainability of software systems. Quality models have been proposed to solve this problem. Nevertheless, existing approaches do not explicitly take(More)
The syntax of the object{based language INSEL is derivated from abstract and formal concepts developed in a language{based and top{down oriented approach to construct distributed systems. The concepts of INSEL serve as the starting point for all resource management steps required to transform the source code into an eecient running systems. A language{based(More)
An overview of the concept of program similarity is presented. It divides similarity into two types—syntactic and semantic— and provides a review of eight categories of methods that may be used to measure program similarity. A summary of some applications of these methods is included. The paper is intended to be a starting point for a more comprehensive(More)