Markus Perling

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King's conjecture states that on every smooth complete toric variety X there exists a strongly exceptional collection which generates the bounded derived category of X and which consists of line bundles. We give a counterexample to this conjecture. This example is just the Hirzebruch surface F 2 iteratively blown up three times, and we show by explicit(More)
A knowledge-based process-planning system for generating workplans for idealized lathe CNC machines is discussed. It transforms CAD-like diagrams of rotational-symmetric workpieces into abstract NC programs. To simplify development and evolution , declarative representations are used for all processing stages and steps, including a qualitative simulation of(More)
This work discusses combinatorial and arithmetic aspects of cohomology vanishing for divisorial sheaves on toric varieties. We obtain a refined variant of the Kawamata-Viehweg theorem which is slightly stronger. Moreover, we prove a new vanishing theorem related to divisors whose inverse is nef and has small Iitaka dimension. Finally , we give a new(More)
The effective use, preservation and creation of knowledge in design-type work processes is of vital interest for an enterprise. We present the CLOCKWORK approach to organizational learning which comprises a web-based toolset to structure, store and retrieve knowledge elements created during all phases of the product development. The examination and re-use(More)