Markus P Dürrschmid

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Scalability is a major demand for high-yield, stable bioprocess systems in animal cell culture-based biopharmaceutical production. Increased yields can be achieved through high-density cell culture, such as in the combination of microcarrier and fluidized bed bioreactor technology. To minimize inocula volume in industrial applications of fluidized bed(More)
Due to the inherent risks of animal-derived raw materials, the biopharmaceutical industry has an increasing demand for serum-free and protein-free media for industrial cell culture bioprocesses. The absence of serum often changes the characteristics of mammalian cells, especially growth, productivity, and adherence properties. This study is mainly focused(More)
In this publication different detachment factors were tested for enhancing carrier to carrier transfer for scale-up of macroporous microcarrier based bioprocesses. Two Chinese hamster ovary cell lines, CHO-K1 and a genetically engineered CHO-K1 derived cell line (CHO-MPS), producing recombinant human Arylsulfatase B, were examined. The cells were grown on(More)
Economically viable biopharmaceutical production is to a high degree dependent on high product yields and stable fermentation systems that are easy to handle. In the current study we have compared two different fermentation systems for the production of recombinant protein from CHO cells. Both systems are fully scaleable and can be used for industrial high(More)
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