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Excessive body building may be dangerous. To promote athletic performance and to improve physical appearance many of the body builders abuse anabolic-androgenic steroids and other drugs. The abuse of insulin as an anabolic medication in this athletic community was followed by a case of severe hypoglycaemia in a body builder. A 30-year old male presented(More)
UNLABELLED The learning process is a multidimensional function with a wide intra- and interindividual scattering. To determine the learning process in anesthesia, we evaluated 11 first-year residents according to their rate of success or failure when applying manual anesthesiological skills, such as performance of spinal, epidural, or brachial plexus(More)
After initiation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation [CPR] with ventilation, chest compression and defibrillation when necessary, venous access, which allows administration of drugs and fluids, is the next measure. A large diameter peripheral vein should be the first choice and should be cannulated with a plastic catheter. If this is delayed or impossible,(More)
UNLABELLED Hydrogen peroxide is often used for irrigation of surgical wounds. In the presented two cases hydrogen peroxide was used to irrigate the thoracic cavity after thoracotomy for lung surgery. After irrigation with hydrogen peroxide only one patient showed clinical signs of pulmonary embolism. In both cases the postoperative recovery was uneventful.(More)
Although pharmacologic intervention has traditionally been a mainstay in the treatment of circulatory collapse and cardiac arrest, a critical reappraisal of the relevant literature does not support this stance in every case. During cardiac arrest, medications take second place to other forms of intervention: initiation of basic life support with ventilation(More)
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