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BACKGROUND Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves are useful tools to evaluate classifiers in biomedical and bioinformatics applications. However, conclusions are often reached through inconsistent use or insufficient statistical analysis. To support researchers in their ROC curves analysis we developed pROC, a package for R and S+ that contains a(More)
BACKGROUND In spite of excellent cure rates for prostate cancer patients with favorable tumor characteristics, patients with unfavorable characteristics after radical prostatectomy are still at a significantly increased risk of tumor progression. Early adjuvant hormonal therapy (AHT) has been shown to be of prognostic benefit in these patients.(More)
BACKGROUND Obese patients are generally believed to be at a higher risk for surgery than those who are not obese, although convincing data are lacking. METHODS We prospectively investigated a cohort of 6336 patients undergoing general elective surgery at our institution to assess whether obesity affects the outcome of surgery. Exclusion criteria were(More)
This paper presents a system for the detection and localization of multiple instances of trademark logos in sports videos. It is based on SIFT features and considers the local geometry of neighboring features in order to differentiate between different logos with ambiguous local features such as text-based logos. In contrast to other approaches, we do not(More)
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