Markus Michaelis

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In this paper we address the problem of establishing a computational model for visual attention using cooperation between two cameras. More specifically we wish to maintain a visual event within the field of view of a rotating and zooming camera through the understanding and model-ing of the geometric and kinematic coupling between a static camera and an(More)
In this contribution we introduce a method for the automatic detection of facial features and characteristic anatomical keypoints. In the application we are aiming at the anatomical landmarks are used to accurately measure facial features. Our approach is essentially based on a selective search and sequential tracking of characteristic edge and line(More)
A B-spline snake algorithm is proposed for the segmentation of the knee joint cartilage from MR images. A rst guess of the contour is provided interactively and is transformed into a B-spline representation. Image forces attract the B-spline curve towards the real cartilage boundaries. In addition, model forces based on a distance transformation are(More)
Usually, the rst processing step in computer vision systems consists of a spatial convolution with only a few simple lters. Therefore, information is lost or it is not represented explicitly for the following processing steps. This paper proposes a new hierarchical lter scheme that can eciently synthesize the responses for a large number of specic l-ters.(More)