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The effects of classroom noise and background speech on speech perception, measured by word-to-picture matching, and listening comprehension, measured by execution of oral instructions, were assessed in first- and third-grade children and adults in a classroom-like setting. For speech perception, in addition to noise, reverberation time (RT) was varied by(More)
In a survey of 2,312 residents living near Frankfurt Airport aircraft noise annoyance and disturbances as well as environmental (EQoL) and health-related quality of life (HQoL) were assessed and compared with data on exposure due to aircraft, road traffic, and railway noise. Results indicate higher noise annoyance than predicted from general(More)
The effects of background noise of moderate intensity on short-term storage and processing of verbal information were analyzed in 6 to 8 year old children. In line with adult studies on "irrelevant sound effect" (ISE), serial recall of visually presented digits was severely disrupted by background speech that the children did not understand. Train noises of(More)
In this papert he concepta nd architecture of am onitoring anda ssistant system forpeoplewithhearing deficiencies will be describeda nd afirst userstudy will be presented. Core of this concept is theimplementation of algorithmsthata re usuallyu sed in hearinga idsa tacentral Home Informationa nd Communication (HIC)p latform.T hisp latform integrates(More)
Owing to technological progress and a growing body of clinical experience, indication criteria for cochlear implants (CI) are being extended to less severe hearing impairments. It is, therefore, worth reconsidering these indication criteria by introducing novel testing procedures. The diagnostic evidence collected will be evaluated. The investigation(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the intention to use hearing aids (HAs) by applying the theory of planned behavior (TPB). DESIGN The TPB is a widely used decision-making model based on three constructs hypothesized to influence the intention to perform a specific behavior; namely, "attitude toward the behavior", "subjective norm", and "behavioral control". The(More)
Within the Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing (GAL), a personal activity and household assistant (PAHA), an ambient reminder system, has been developed. One of its central output modality to interact with the user is sound. The study presented here evaluated three different system technologies for sound reproduction using up to(More)
Modern hearing instruments include many features addressing situation-specific and user-related amplification. The main tasks of the acoustician are the appropriate choice of hearing instruments and fitting them to hearing impaired individuals. This study aims at investigating the utility and importance of several hearing-aid features as assessed by(More)
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