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As part of the quality assurance and quality control activities within the CarboEurope-IP network, a comparison of eddy-covariance software was conducted. For four five-day datasets, CO 2 flux estimates were calculated by seven commonly used software packages to assess the uncertainty of CO 2 flux estimates due to differences in post-processing. The(More)
This work tackles the management of novel types of inconsistencies in Spatio-Temporal Databases, different from traditional database settings where integrity constraints pertain to the explicitly stored (or, defined via views and aggregates) values. We observe that spatio-temporal data has its specific types of ßemanticconstraints and we aim at(More)
Isotopic mapping has become an indispensable tool for the assessment of mobility and trade of the past. However, modeling and understanding spatio-temporal isotopic variation is complicated by the small number of available samples, potential mobility of the investigated samples, sample preservation quality, uncertainty of measurements, and so forth. In this(More)
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