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Graphene: a nearly perfect fluid.
The ratio eta/s of the shear viscosity eta to the entropy density s is determined in clean undoped graphene using a quantum kinetic theory and comes close to a lower bound conjectured in the context of the quark gluon plasma.
Anomalous diffusion and griffiths effects near the many-body localization transition.
This work explores the high-temperature dynamics of the disordered, one-dimensional XXZ model near the many-body localization (MBL) transition, focusing on the delocalized (i.e., "metallic") phase, and establishes scaling relations between the associated exponents, assuming a scaling form of the spin-diffusion propagator.
An open-system quantum simulator with trapped ions
This work combines multi-qubit gates with optical pumping to implement coherent operations and dissipative processes and illustrates the ability to engineer the open-system dynamics through the dissipative preparation of entangled states, the simulation of coherent many-body spin interactions, and the quantum non-demolition measurement of multi- qubit observables.
Many-Body Delocalization as a Quantum Avalanche.
A multiscale diagonalization scheme to study disordered one-dimensional chains, in particular, the transition between many-body localization and the ergodic phase, expected to be governed by resonant spots, shows that a few natural assumptions imply that the system is localized with probability one at criticality.
Polarization-entangled photons from an InGaAs-based quantum dot emitting in the telecom C-band
We demonstrate the emission of polarization-entangled photons from a single semiconductor quantum dot in the telecom C-band (1530 nm–1565 nm). To reach this telecommunication window, the
Ionization dynamics of XUV excited clusters: the role of inelastic electron collisions
We report on the ionization and nanoplasma dynamics of small xenon clusters irradiated by intense, short pulses of a short-wavelength free-electron laser. Fluorescence spectroscopy indicates that
Temperature dependence of the conductivity of ballistic graphene.
The temperature dependence of conductivity in ballistic graphene is investigated using Landauer transport theory and two kinds of Fabry-Perot oscillations in short nanoribbons and their stability at finite temperatures are discussed.
Time-resolved x-ray imaging of a laser-induced nanoplasma and its neutral residuals
The evolution of individual, large gas-phase xenon clusters, turned into a nanoplasma by a high power infrared laser pulse, is tracked from femtoseconds up to nanoseconds after laser excitation via