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Differences in Ethnic Identity in Native American Adolescents as a Function of School Context
Examined were differences in ethnic identity in 101 Native American male andfemale 9th and 12th graders. Native American adolescents attending a high school with a predominantly Native AmericanExpand
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Non-linear optical processes in cavity light-matter systems
We study non-linear optical effects in electron systems with and without inversion symmetry in a Fabry-Perot cavity. General photon up- and down-conversion processes are modeled by the coupling of aExpand
High-harmonic generation in spin-orbit coupled systems
We study high-harmonic generation in two-dimensional electron systems with Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling and derive harmonic generation selection rules with the help of group theory.Expand
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Signatures of bosonic excitations in high-harmonic spectra of Mott insulators
The high-harmonic spectrum of the Mott insulating Hubbard model has recently been shown to exhibit plateau structures with cutoff energies determined by $n\mathrm{th}$-nearest-neighbor doublon-holonExpand
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High Harmonic Generation in Strongly Correlated Systems
In recent years, the study of phenomena pertaining to non-linear properties of materials has seen a major upswing especially in the context of High Harmonic Generation (HHG). In this thesis, anExpand