Markus Lendl

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Neuromuscular blockade can be relatively easily measured in the clinical setting. Consequently, closed-loop control can be exercised by measuring the neuromuscular activity, calculating the dose of drug necessary to achieve a predefined degree of neuromuscular blockade and finally directing an infusion pump. Recently introduced short-acting blocking agents(More)
X-ray dose reduction in pediatrics is particularly important because babies and children are very sensitive to radiation exposure. We present new developments to further decrease pediatric patient dose. With the help of an advanced exposure control, a constant image quality can be maintained for all patient sizes, leading to dose savings for babies and(More)
In many elds of signal processing feed-forward neural networks, especially multi-layer perceptron neural networks (MLP-NNs), are used as approximators. On the grounds of expedience the parameter (weight) adaptation process (training) is formulated as an optimization procedure solving a conventional nonlinear regression problem, which is a very important(More)
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  • Insights into imaging
  • 2012
S45 Fallenberg E.M.: Advisory Board; Bayer. Research/Grant Support; GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Bayer. Speaker; GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Bayer. Froehlich J.M.: Consultant; Guerbet. Frydrychowicz A.: Research/Grant Support; Scientific stipend Bracco Diagnostics. Other; The University of Wisconsin Madison receives research support from GE(More)
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