Markus Kunde

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— Scientific simulation workflows today consist of a pool of simulation models of different domains that are linked together. In the past this was often done with highly specific connections between the simulation models, e. g., batch-scripts or use of commercial integrated systems prescribing certain procedures. This strong coupling led to several problems(More)
In the Aerospace field one often has to deal with a host of highly specialized software applications that need to be orchestrated into one optimization process to produce e. g., an optimized aircraft model. This optimization process combines engineering knowledge from fields as diverse as aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, engine building, environmental impact(More)
The need for collaboration between individual scientificfields increases with the wish for more global engineeringoptimizations and assessment requirements. Since areas ofresearch become more and more fine-grained domains ofthere own, it is still very desirable to cooperate with otherexperts with more chance than ever to gain synergies whenscience is(More)
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