Markus Knasmüller

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Oberon [ReWi92] and Oberon-2 [MöWi91] are general purpose programming languages in the tradition of Pascal and Modula-2. Oberon [WiGu89] is also a modular, single-threaded operating system for single-user operation of workstations. It is used in daily work as well as in programming courses. One missing point of Oberon is the existence of database(More)
Introducing object-oriented programming to old-style programmers is a rather hard task. This paper shows how this job was done at BMD Steyr, Austrians leading producer of accountancy software. A special course for former Cobol programmers was offered. This course is based on the principle that one should first learn data abstraction before one starts with(More)
The lack of a standard is a major limitation to the widespread use of a facility. Therefore the Object Database Management Group (ODMG) presented a standard for object-oriented databases [Cat96], which includes an object model, using the OMG Object model as the basis, an object definition language (ODL), an object query language (OQL), and the definition of(More)
This demonstration highlights the technical issues underlying Dynamic Application Partitioning (DAP) in VisualAge Generator Version 3.0. DAP addresses a fundamental problem in client–server and n–tier systems: partitioning distributed object applications, i.e., determining the machine (from high–end servers to tier–0 devices) on which each object should be(More)