Markus Klug

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The present paper explains, how a simulation-based study course raised significant interest in discrete-event simulation, finally undergoing a simulation focused course. The simulation based course during the course "Production structures and design" used a model for own studies, acting as a test-bed for optimal setup-time optimization. An easy access to(More)
Ever-connected smart phones and advanced sensors have lead to new sensing paradigms that promise environmental monitoring in unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution. Especially in air quality sensing with low-cost sensors, regular in-situ device calibration is a helpful approach to ensure data quality. In participatory sensing scenarios, privacy(More)
Der vorliegende Beitrag beinhaltet die Beobachtungen, wie der Einsatz eines ereignisdiskreten Simulationsmodells als Teil eines simulation based blended learning course für die Ausbildung im Fach „Produktionsstrukturen und -design“ des Berufsbegleitenden Studiengangs „Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen“ an der Fachhochschule Technikum Wien als(More)
New approaches for multimodal transportation solutions are necessary to increase competitiveness, efficiency and speed of container transportation on railways. Especially the modal changes between train and truck are subject to be investigated. A new innovative approach, the "Innovative Handling Terminal (IUT)" addresses the problem. Putting road and train(More)
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