Markus Jobst

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Challenging environments have guided nature in the development of ultrastable protein complexes. Specialized bacteria produce discrete multi-component protein networks called cellulosomes to effectively digest lignocellulosic biomass. While network assembly is enabled by protein interactions with commonplace affinities, we show that certain cellulosomal(More)
Computer-graphics and especially virtual 3D worlds evolve to important tools for digital cartography, where the main aim of efficient spatial communication rules processes of conception, design and dissemination. This paper investigates the enhancement of visual spatial relations in virtual 3D worlds, which's limitation on standard displays is a main(More)
Single-molecule force spectroscopy enables mechanical testing of individual proteins, but low experimental throughput limits the ability to screen constructs in parallel. We describe a microfluidic platform for on-chip expression, covalent surface attachment and measurement of single-molecule protein mechanical properties. A dockerin tag on each protein(More)
Receptor-ligand pairs are ordinarily thought to interact through a lock and key mechanism, where a unique molecular conformation is formed upon binding. Contrary to this paradigm, cellulosomal cohesin-dockerin (Coh-Doc) pairs are believed to interact through redundant dual binding modes consisting of two distinct conformations. Here, we combined(More)
Recent developments in computer science have influenced the use of Geo-imagery by expert groups and the general public. The processing methods of remote sensing results and photogrammetric recording have became more accurate, effective and the work flow is accelerated. The results, in general, are often used for engineering, documentation purposes and for(More)
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