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Selective C-S bond formation via Fe-catalyzed allylic substitution.
In contrast to the formation of C-O and C-N bonds it was only recently that the selective C-S bond formation by means of transition metal complexes moved more into the center of research. This isExpand
α-Sulfonyl succinimides: versatile sulfinate donors in Fe-catalyzed, salt-free, neutral allylic substitution.
Allyl sulfones are versatile intermediates in organic chemistry. The presence of two distinct functional groups sets the stage for a plethora of subsequent transformations. However, despite theseExpand
Dual Catalysis: Vinyl Sulfones through Tandem Iron‐Catalyzed Allylic Sulfonation Amine‐Catalyzed Isomerization
Dual catalysis, that is, two independent yet connected catalytic transformations in a defined order, offers attractive opportunities in organic synthesis by streamlining process through reduction ofExpand
Catalysis by Means of Complex Ferrates
Ferrates represent a class of complex iron-based anions that has a longstanding tradition in chemistry. A variety of different ferrates are accessible with their metal centers in oxidation statesExpand
Dual Catalysis: Vinyl Sulfones Through Tandem Iron‐Catalyzed Allylic Sulfonation Amine‐Catalyzed Isomerization.
Various substituted secondary vinyl sulfones are synthesized with high (E)-selectivity under mild conditions.