Markus J. Kaiser

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OBJECTIVES The objective of this preliminary study was to explore long-term changes in neurobehavioral parameters, brain morphology and electroencephalography of sepsis patients who received intensive care compared to non-septic intensive care unit (ICU) patients. METHODS Two-centre follow-up study 6-24 months after discharge from hospital using published(More)
In this observational study, we analyzed the long-term neuromuscular deficits of survivors of critical illness. Intensive care unit-acquired muscular weakness (ICU-AW) is a very common complication of critical illness. Critical illness polyneuropathy (CIP) and critical illness myopathy (CIM) are two main contributors to ICU-AW. ICU-AW is associated with an(More)
BACKGROUND Most patients with sepsis develop potentially irreversible cerebral dysfunctions. It is yet not clear whether cerebral haemodynamics are altered in these sepsis patients at all, and to what extent. We hypothesized that cerebral haemodynamics and carbon dioxide reactivity would be impaired in patients with sepsis syndrome and pathological(More)
Proxy servers are common solutions to relieve organizational networks from heavy traffic by storing the most frequently referenced web objects in their local cache. These proxies are commonly known as cooperative proxy systems and are usually organized in such a way as to optimize the utilization of their storage capacity. However, the design of the(More)
In a series of 109 carotid arterial reconstructions cranial nerve injury was observed in 14 of 102 patients. Ipsilateral peripheral hypoglossal nerve injury occurred in nine patients with carotid occlusive disease. The marginal mandibular nerve was injured in three patients and recurrent laryngeal nerve dysfunction was noted in four patients. Two cranial(More)
In order to deal with the accompanying challenges, organization must embrace latest information technology, ebusiness and the internet that allow increasingly better opportunities for assisting with supply chain management and improving business performance. Supply chain management, a management method to optimize system-wide costs has evolved as an(More)
Eine 46-jährige Patientin berichtete über Kopfschmerzen, Schwindel und Schleiersehen links seit 4 Tagen sowie Nackenschmerzen seit 1 Jahr. Funduskopisch fand sich links eine abgeblasste und rechts eine zirkulär randunscharfe Papille. Außerdem stellten wir eine beidseitige Anosmie fest. Im cMRT stellte sich eine Raumforderung in der vorderen Schädelgrube(More)