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Personalised medicine is becoming the standard care for advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Tumour-specific therapies based on biomarker analyses, e. g., EGFR mutations or translocations of the ALK gene locus, result in a superior patient outcome compared to unselected therapy approaches. However, predictive molecular analyses can be challenging and(More)
OBJECTIVE Within translational research projects in the recent years large biobanks have been established, mostly supported by homegrown, proprietary software solutions. No general requirements for biobanking IT infrastructures have been published yet. This paper presents an exemplary biobanking IT architecture, a requirements specification for a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the correlation between insulin concentrations and myoelectrical activity of the abomasum in cows with a left displaced abomasum (LDA). ANIMALS 14 dairy cows with an LDA at the onset of lactation. PROCEDURE During surgical correction of an LDA, 3 pairs of electrodes were placed in the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract(More)
Agile information systems development (ISD) methodologies are gaining more and more popularity because those approaches are considered as an effective way for managing rapidly changing requirements in turbulent environments. Despite growing research efforts, the fundamental processes that underpin agile ISD methodologies are still not well understood. Our(More)
We conduct a qualitative, interview-based study with 12 participants in order to shed further light on the success factors of agile ISD because quantitative studies reported on contradictory results. First, we identify four success factors from previous literature that form the conceptual basis of our investigation. Those factors are the team, customer,(More)
The indications for the administration of cardiotonic heterosides are quite similar in adults and children. However, their use in children raises several practical problems, generally related to differences in kinetics and/or tissular sensitivity. The pharmacodynamic properties and the kinetics of cardiotonic glycosides of digitalis are reviewed and(More)