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Agile information systems development (ISD) methodologies are gaining more and more popularity because those approaches are considered as an effective way for managing rapidly changing requirements in turbulent environments. Despite growing research efforts, the fundamental processes that underpin agile ISD methodologies are still not well understood. Our(More)
We conduct a qualitative, interview-based study with 12 participants in order to shed further light on the success factors of agile ISD because quantitative studies reported on contradictory results. First, we identify four success factors from previous literature that form the conceptual basis of our investigation. Those factors are the team, customer,(More)
Information overload caused by e-mails are a known issue in practice and academia. There is a lot of research on information overload and e-mail use and misuse. However studies on the phenomenon e-mail overload, describing how e-mail as technology contributes to information overload, are scarce or fragmented. We therefore investigate how e-mails lead to(More)
The high e-mail amounts that individuals sent back and forth each day are one of the major causes for information overload. Knowledge seems to help overcoming information overload. However, it is not clear which knowledge areas are helpful. Therefore, we examine knowledge areas supporting the encoding and decoding of e-mails by investigating cognitive(More)