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Scalability will be a key issue in the design and the development of reliable multicast protocols for the Internet. As the geographic span and the size of communication groups increase, eecient connection management schemes including scalable error and congestion control become more and more important. Besides other approaches, several schemes based on(More)
Upcoming broadband networks offer a bearer service suitable for modern distributed applications. High bandwidth capacity and low transfer del ay are two characteri stics of such communication servi ces. Beside these performance oriented parameters, many applications have additional requirements in respect to quality of the used communication servi ce.(More)
As an educational institute grows an increase in the number of programs each with individual modules and learning objects can be seen. Learning environments provide a struc-tured environment that can provide an additional level of insight into the relationship between content. This paper outlines the identification of similarities at a Learning Object,(More)
Congested networks and overloaded servers resulting from the ever growing number of Internet users contribute to the lack of good quality video streaming over the Inter-net. We propose a design and implementation of a caching system for streaming media, which utilizes its local memory and disk resources to reduce network and server load, while also(More)
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Swarm-based peer-to-peer streaming (SPS) mechanisms tend to generate a significant amount of costly inter-ISP traffic. Localization of overlay connectivity reduces inter-ISP traffic. However, it can adversely affect the delivered quality. In this paper, we systematically examine the performance of SPS for live video over localized overlays. We identify and(More)