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PURPOSE To assess up-to-date expectations and preferences of patients seeking dental implants. MATERIAL AND METHODS One hundred and fifty consecutive patients (66 male and 84 female interviewees) were asked to rank their concerns regarding implant therapy and answer a questionnaire on implant and bone graft surgery, cost and time considerations and(More)
OBJECTIVES Autologous bone augmentation to rebuild compromised alveolar ridge contour prior to implant placement allows for favorable three-dimensional implant positioning to achieve optimum implant esthetics. The aim of the present study was to evaluate peri-implant soft tissue conditions around single-tooth implants following bone grafts in the esthetic(More)
In distributed object systems, one generates local surrogate objects to achieve transparent remote method invocations. These surrogates intercept method invocations, transfer the invocations to the actual (remote) object, and invoke the respective method by using so-called stub code. We describe a method which automatically generates surrogate and stub(More)
OBJECTIVES Simultaneous implant placement in conjunction with lateral or transcrestal maxillary sinus floor augmentation gives the benefit of reduction in healing times and surgical interventions. Primary implant stability, however, may be significantly reduced in resorbed residual ridges. Aim of the present study was to investigate the impact of residual(More)
We present a novel approach to exception handling which is based on metaprogramming. Our mechanism does not require language support, imposes no run time overhead to error-free programs, and is easy to implement. Exception handlers are implemented as ordinary procedures. When an exception occurs, the corresponding handler is searched dynamically using the(More)
Most object-oriented languages offer a limited number of invocation semantics. At best, they define a default mode of synchronous invocation, plus some keywords to express additional semantic attributes, e.g. synchronization. The very few approaches that offer rich libraries of invocation abstractions introduce significant overhead and do not support the(More)
PURPOSE To compare five different implant treatment protocols in the anterior maxilla, including immediate, early, and delayed implant placement, as well as implant placement in conjunction with simultaneous guided bone regeneration and implant placement 3 months following horizontal autologous bone block grafting. MATERIAL AND METHODS Aesthetic indices(More)
PURPOSE To test patient- and sinus-related risk factors for an association with intraoperative membrane perforation and postoperative complications after sinus floor augmentation surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sinus floor elevation procedures using a lateral approach were retrospectively analyzed for patients' medical history and sinus anatomy on computed(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between oral health-related quality of life, the nature of mucosal disease, and personality traits. One hundred forty-nine patients seeking care for oral mucosal disease were recruited in this cross-sectional study conducted at the University Clinic of Dentistry in Vienna from June to December 2013. All(More)