Markus Herrmann

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Age-related bone loss is associated with changes in bone cellularity with characteristically low levels of osteoblastogenesis. The mechanisms that explain these changes remain unclear. Although recent in vitro evidence has suggested a new role for proteins of the nuclear envelope in osteoblastogenesis, the role of these proteins in bone cells(More)
UNLABELLED OBJECTIVE Children treated with stimulant medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often lose weight. It is important to understand the implications of this during growth. This prospective study was designed to quantify the changes in body composition and markers of bone metabolism on starting treatment. METHODS 34(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic administration of exogenous glucocorticoids is often required in experimental research. We compared the efficacy and reliability of three different methods of continuous glucocorticoid administration in mice. MATERIALS AND METHODS Male CD1 Swiss White mice aged 7-9 weeks received corticosterone (CS) or carrier by either subcutaneous(More)
BACKGROUND The accurate measurement of 25-hydoxy vitamin D (25OH-D) in serum has been a challenge for many years. We developed a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC Tandem MS) assay for the quantitative determination of 25OH-D(2) and 25OH-D(3) in serum. The new method was compared with two widely used commercially available immunoassays. (More)
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) belongs to the group of non-melanoma skin tumors and is the most common tumor in the western world. BCC arises due to mutations in the tumor suppressor gene Patched1 (Ptch). Analysis of the conditional Ptch knockout mouse model for BCC reveals that macrophages and dendritic cells (DC) of the skin play an important role in BCC(More)
increased sunlight exposure work as a strategy to improve vitamin D status in the elderly: a cluster randomised controlled trial. (2012). Excess dietary methionine does not affect fracture healing in mice. stimulant medication: how does it affect body composition and bone metabolism?-A prospective longitudinal study. (2011). Corticosterone selectively(More)
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