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Prosthesis users usually agree that myoelectric prostheses should be equipped with somatosensory feedback. However, the exact role of feedback and potential benefits are still elusive. The current study investigates the nature of human control processes within a specific context of routine grasping. Although the latter includes a fast feedforward control of(More)
Since its first description in 1951 by Mantz and Craig pulmonary hypertension in combination with portal hypertension has been observed more and more frequently. In a recent prospective study Hadengue et al. reported an incidence of 2%. Thus this simultaneous occurrence can no longer be considered to be coincidental. The etiology remains still unclear. It(More)
Preventive intestinal intubation for ileus prophylaxis in cases of diffuse peritonitis and extended adhesion ileus had often been discredited for the technically demanding and thus time-consuming technique involved. Yet, tube-related complications in the context of tube insertion or removal can be minimised by the experienced surgeon who stringently(More)
Open pelvic fractures are rare fractures usually resulting from a severe trauma. Only 4 of 121 patients treated operatively in 1994 for a pelvic trauma showed an open injury. The high lethality is caused by two complications: in the early phase the patient is threatened by bleeding to death and in the following course sepsis determines the lethal outcome.(More)
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