Markus Hauptmann

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In the wood-based panel industry, controlling the manufacturing process is crucial for ensuring product quality, using resources efficiently and cutting production costs. One major aspect for the final quality of particleboards is the distribution of resin on particles within a board. This study deals with the comparison of techniques that can be used for a(More)
In this work, a method of stabilizing the color of wood by amino acid tricine was studied. Therefore, an aqueous tricine solution was impregnated in oak, maple and walnut and subsequently dried. After the wood samples had been irradiated under artificial light, the color changes as well as the chemical changes were measured using FTIR. The results showed a(More)
This study seeks to assess the potential use of the CIEDE2000 color difference equation in wood science. Therefore, a set of oak wood samples were prepared and assessed by experts. The visual perception of the observers was correlated with the two different color difference equations CIELAB from DIN 6174 and the CIEDE2000 equation. For a practical example(More)
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