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All the 1012, 55-yr-old citizens of Oulu (a medium-sized Finnish town) were invited to a clinical examination, and 780 of them participated. The associations of lifestyle with periodontal health were analyzed in the 527 dentate subjects. Periodontal pockets deeper than 3 mm were recorded as a percentage of the surfaces at risk. Lifestyle was measured by(More)
Eight hundred seventy-six men and women with diastolic blood pressure (DBP) of 95-115 mm Hg during a 4-week placebo period were included in a multicenter trial; 479 patients had previously been treated for hypertension. The patients were randomized to receive isradipine or metoprolol; both groups were comparable for age, weight, height, smoking habits, and(More)
In order to evaluate general and local contraindications for implantation for 65-yr-old subjects from a medium-sized Finnish city, 431 such persons were examined anamnestically and by means of panoramic radiographs. The population represents 61% of the total age group in the city (born in 1923). It was shown that several degrees of cardiac problems and(More)
The antihypertensive effect of a new non-selective beta-adrenergic blocking compound, penbutolol (40 mg b.i.d.), was compared with propranolol (160 mg b.i.d.) in a series of 20 hypertensive patients using a double-blind cross-over scheme. Both compounds reduced both the supine and the standing blood pressure significantly. The magnitude of the responses did(More)
A survey is presented on the results of 100 consecutive patients who underwent mitral valve (78 patients) or mitral and aortic and/or tricuspid valve replacement (22 patients) with ball or disc valve prosthesis. The patients were followed-up from 6 to 54 months postoperatively. The mortality for mitral valve replacement was 13 (17%) early deaths (up to one(More)
In order to evaluate the possibility of using endosseal implants (ITI Dental Implant System) and implant-retained prostheses for 65-year-old patients from a medium-sized Finnish city, 431 such patients were examined by means of panoramic radiographs. The population represents 61% of the total age group in the city (born in 1923). The possibility to(More)
40 patients with paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia were allocated to two different treatment groups according to their year of birth. Those patients born on odd years were given 5 mg of practolol intravenously, those born on even years receiving 5 mg of verapamil, and if the tachycardia continued, the same injection was repeated after 5 minutes. If(More)
An approach to constructing a Pareto front approximation to computation-ally expensive multiobjective optimization problems is developed. The approximation is constructed as a sub-complex of a Delaunay triangulation of a finite set of Pareto optimal outcomes to the problem. The approach is based on the concept of inherent nondominance. Rules for checking(More)
A method called PAINT is introduced for computationally expensive mul-tiobjective optimization problems. The method interpolates between a given set of Pareto optimal outcomes. The interpolation provided by the PAINT method implies a mixed integer linear surrogate problem for the original problem which can be optimized with any interactive method to make(More)
Marked T wave abnormality developed in a patient with alcoholic cardiomyopathy. The T negativity was of giant size and occurred in an alternating sequence in the presence of sinus rhythm. This change was rapidly transient, disappearing in 3 days. The complete electrocardiographic recovery was temporally related to successful treatment of severe heart(More)