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Silymarin, derived from the milk thistle plant, Silybum marianum, has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for diseases of the liver and biliary tract. As interest in alternative therapy has emerged in the United States, gastroenterologists have encountered increasing numbers of patients taking silymarin with little understanding of its purported(More)
The continuing increase in knowledge about the genetic basis of carcinogenesis has led to diverse efforts to exploit this knowledge clinically, primarily in the form of predictive genetic testing. In conjunction with family history, gene tests are intended to improve individual cancer risk assessment. The objectives of predictive molecular testing are to(More)
Some patients with acute hereditary porphyrias have seizures and require anticonvulsant therapy, but many anticonvulsants induce exacerbations of the hepatic porphyrias. Recently, several new anticonvulsants have become available. Among these are gabapentin, vigabatrin, felbamate, lamotrigine, and tiagabine. Little is known about their potential for(More)
BACKGROUND Short bowel syndrome (SBS) may induce a plethora of clinical symptoms ranging from underweight to nutrient-, vitamin- and electrolyte deficiencies. The objective of this case report is to illustrate how demanding the management of a 60 year old patient with SBS and recurrent joint attacks was for different medical disciplines. CASE PRESENTATION(More)
Because of the accomplishments in biotechnical research in the past few decades our knowledge about the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis has grown rapidly. Colorectal cancer has been one of the most intensively investigated tumor entities, and it seems to be well established that colorectal tumor growth is associated with an accumulation of acquired(More)
Growing numbers of patients suffering from many symptoms believe that they have a condition called multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (MCSS). It has been suggested that this syndrome can be triggered by exposure to any of a large and usually incompletely defined number of natural and synthetic chemical substances. Major medical organizations, including(More)
Bacterial infections represent an increasing problem in modern health care, in particular due to ageing populations and accumulating bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Diagnosis is rarely straightforward and consequently treatment is often delayed or indefinite. Therefore, novel tools that can be clinically implemented are urgently needed to accurately(More)
Gastrointestinal bleeding and iron deficiency anaemia may cause severe symptoms and may require extensive diagnostics and substantial amounts of health resources.This case report focuses on the clinical presentation of a 22 year old patient with recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding from multilocular non-healing ulcers of the stomach, duodenum and jejunum(More)
möglicht. Diese mittels molekularbiologischer Techniken gewonnenen Daten wurden von Fearon, Kinzler und Vogelstein zu einem einheitlichen Konzept der Tumorentstehung zusammengefaßt (Abb. 1) [6, 9]. Alternativ zu diesem Weg der Tumorgenese scheinen jedoch nicht nur Mutationen in Gatekeeper-Genen wie APC, sondern auch in sog. CaretakerGenen, denen eine(More)