Markus Hügel

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Dementia due to vascular and degenerative abnormalities has become more frequent with increasing life expectancy. Although the origin of both dementia types is still unknown, pathobiochemical perturbations comprising energy loss, lactic acidosis, calcium homeostasis and free radical formation have been found in both dementia types in incipient stages at the(More)
Organoboranes have attracted great attention owing to their interesting photophysical properties, which enable promising applications as optoelectronics and colorimetric chemosensors. Three-coordinate boron has a low-lying empty p orbital, which bestows a strong Lewis acidity to the resulting substances and promotes electron transport through conjugated(More)
The molecular design of crowded hexasubstituted star mesogens based on a benzene core and alternating substitution with oligo(phenylenevinylene) arms and aryl units generates free space between the conjugated arm scaffolds. Various arylcarboxy building blocks, decorated with alkoxy chains, have been incorporated in the void by mixing, hydrogen bonding or(More)
Star-shaped oligophenylenevinylene (OPV) mesogens are shape-persistent and possess formally large void space. A mesogen with three styrene repeating units packs densely in a columnar helical arrangement. Attachment of one fullerene through a short spacer results in an exceptional increase of the mesophase stability. X-ray scattering and modeling evidence a(More)
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