Markus Guttmann

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Several Drosophila genes involved in the control of segmentation and segment identity share a 183-bp conserved sequence termed homeo box. Homeo box sequences have been detected and cloned from the genomes of insects like Drosophila to vertebrates such as mouse and man. Two chicken homeo box genes CHox1 and CHox3, are described. Cloning of the CHox1 and(More)
We propose multi-periodic nanostructures yielded by superposition of multiple binary gratings for wide control over photon emission in thin-film devices. We present wavelength- and angle-resolved photoluminescence measurements of multi-periodically nanostructured organic light-emitting layers. The spectral resonances are determined by the periodicities of(More)
The extraction of guided modes from a 100 nm organic emission layer by compound binary gratings with multiple superimposed periods at different ratios is investigated. We measure angle-dependent photoluminescence from samples with double-period (350 and 450 nm), triple-period (350, 400, and 450 nm), and multiperiod (350, 400, 450, and 500 nm) gratings and(More)
Organic semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) lasers are of interest as external or chip-integrated excitation sources in the visible spectral range for miniaturized Raman-on-chip biomolecular detection systems. However, the inherently limited excitation power of such lasers as well as oftentimes low analyte concentrations requires efficient Raman(More)
The integration of organic semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) laser sources into all-polymer chips is promising for biomedical or chemical analysis. However, the fabrication of DFB corrugations is often expensive and time-consuming. Here, we apply the method of laser-assisted replication using a near-infrared diode laser beam to efficiently fabricate(More)
Biological materials achieve directional reinforcement with oriented assemblies of anisotropic building blocks. One such example is the nanocomposite structure of keratinized epithelium on the toe pad of tree frogs, in which hexagonal arrays of (soft) epithelial cells are crossed by densely packed and oriented (hard) keratin nanofibrils. Here, a method is(More)
This paper presents the hot-embossing replication of self-centering fiber alignment structures for highprecision, single-mode optical fiber connectors. To this end, a metal mold insert was fabricated by electroforming a polymer prototype patterned by means of deep proton writing (DPW). To achieve through-hole structures, we developed a postembossing process(More)
Patterned surfaces with tunable wetting properties are described. A hybrid hierarchical surface realized by combining two different materials exhibits different wetting states, depending on the speed of impingement of the water droplets. Both "lotus" (high contact angle and low adhesion) and "petal" (high contact angle and high adhesion) states were(More)
We present an integrated sensor based on a grating interferometer (GI) for in-plane displacement measurement in microregions of large engineering structures. The system concept and design, based on a monolithic version of Czarnek's GI, is discussed in detail. The technology chain of the GI measurement head (MH), including the master fabrication and further(More)
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