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In this dissertation, we examine the input/output properties of linear systems with saturation in feedback conngurations. This is a class of nonlinear systems which consists of linear operators cascaded with memoryless saturation nonlinearities. This form of nonlinearity is usually introduced to simulate the eeect of actuator limitations. As the analysis(More)
Morphological measurements were collected from 12 wild and 12 captive mona monkeys (Cercopithecus mona) on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Mona monkeys were introduced to Grenada from Africa approximately 200 to 300 years ago during the slave trade era. Wild monkeys were captured using either 1) a baited treadle-door trap and anesthetic-filled darts fired(More)
Cercopithecus, the genus of guenons, is the largest of the African primate genera, and yet more than half of the species belonging to this group have never been the focus of a long-term field study. In this paper, I present data on group size and composition for a previously unstudied population of guenons on the Caribbean island of Grenada. The mona(More)
Mycotic infections involve the lungs in the majority of cases. Some of the infections are limited in geographic location, while others are worldwide. Often the patients may present with minimal symptoms, unlike bacterial infections, and these symptoms may persist for a longer duration. In this article the authors describe the clinical and radiographic(More)
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