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BACKGROUND Research in evolution requires software for visualizing and editing phylogenetic trees, for increasingly very large datasets, such as arise in expression analysis or metagenomics, for example. It would be desirable to have a program that provides these services in an efficient and user-friendly way, and that can be easily installed and run on all(More)
Video traffic is the main driver of Internet traffic volume. Thus, content providers and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are searching for ways to provide reliable video transmission at a low cost. Hybrid CDN/Peer-to-Peer (P2P) deployments like Akamai NetSession have been shown to combine the high reliability of a CDN backbone and the low cost of P2P(More)
Decision makers often do not easily understand the decision space, i.e. the available alternatives and relations among their attributes. Misunderstanding the relations between attributes might lead to a bad decision. Recent research in decision analysis has addressed this problem and proposed to support decision makers with visual information about the(More)
Numerous studies have shown that early screening for the presence of pre-cancerous colon polyps and their subsequent removal decreases the risk of developing colon cancer. Colonoscopy is currently the most effective screening method, but due to the invasive nature of the procedure many patients avoid forgo testing. Futhermore, the procedure itself requires(More)
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