Markus Fisher

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We describe PredUs, an interactive web server for the prediction of protein-protein interfaces. Potential interfacial residues for a query protein are identified by 'mapping' contacts from known interfaces of the query protein's structural neighbors to surface residues of the query. We calculate a score for each residue to be interfacial with a support(More)
Algorithms are described for the calculation of spatial statistics. The statistics are the functions K(t), G(y), F(x), and K12(t). They can be used to determine (a) which type of spatial process ('random', 'clustered', 'regular', etc.) best fits a data set and whether the spatial pattern changes with distance, and (b) whether two types of events are(More)
The delay lines for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer in New Mexico are required to provide up to 380m optical path delay with an OPD jitter of better than 15nm, in vacuum, using a single adjustable stroke. In order to meet these demanding requirements in a cost-effective manner a unique combination of techniques has been used in the design and(More)
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