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BACKGROUND Within Europe and North America, the median annual mortality from snow avalanches between 1994 and 2003 was 141. There are two commonly used rescue devices: the avalanche transceiver, which is intended to speed up locating a completely buried person, and the avalanche airbag, which aims to prevent the person from being completely buried. (More)
The atypical antipsychotic clozapine carries a high risk of inducing agranulocytosis. We attempted to investigate whether eosinophilia during clozapine treatment has predictive value for subsequent neutropenia/agranulocytosis. One hundred and seventy-seven patients were studied in a prospective naturalistic design using haloperidol as the reference(More)
Caspases have been described as proteases essential for the release of certain cytokines and for initiation as well as execution of apoptosis. Increasing evidence indicates, however, that caspase activity is also required for activation-induced proliferation of mature T lymphocytes. The molecular mechanism, how caspase activity facilitates T cell(More)
Certain CT and/or MRI abnormalities have been used medicolegally to time intracranial injuries from the infant shaken impact syndrome (ISIS). For example, parenchymal hypodensities on CT scans are said to arise only after 6-48 h have elapsed postinjury, and the presence of chronic or mixed subdural hematomas suggests injury that occured 1-4 weeks prior.(More)
OBJECTIVES Acute compartment syndrome (ACS) is a limb-threatening condition often first diagnosed by emergency physicians. Little is known about the rapidity with which permanent damage may occur. Our objective was to estimate the time to muscle necrosis in patients with ACS. METHODS This historical cohort analysis of all patients who had a fasciotomy for(More)
BACKGROUND Current recommendations for rescue and resuscitation of people buried in avalanches are based on Swiss avalanche survival data. We analyzed Canadian survival patterns and compared them with those from Switzerland. METHODS We extracted relevant data for survivors and nonsurvivors of complete avalanche burials from Oct. 1, 1980, to Sept. 30,(More)
BACKGROUND Tecemotide is a MUC1-antigen-specific cancer immunotherapy. The phase III START study did not meet its primary end point but reported notable survival benefit with tecemotide versus placebo in an exploratory analysis of the predefined patient subgroup treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy. Here, we attempted to gain further insight into the(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the diagnostic value of different clinical and laboratory findings in pneumonia and to explore the association between the doctor's degree of suspicion and chest X-ray (CXR) result and to evaluate whether or not CXR should be used routinely in primary care, when available. DESIGN A three-year prospective study was conducted(More)
BACKGROUND The ability to determine airflow during nasal CPAP (NCPAP) treatment without adding dead space or resistance would be useful when investigating the physiologic effects of different NCPAP systems on breathing. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect on pressure stability of different flow measuring devices at the in-line and(More)