Markus Enders

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The high-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) protein has a central role in immunological antitumour defense. Here we show that natural killer cell-derived HMGB1 directly eliminates cancer cells by triggering metabolic cell death. HMGB1 allosterically inhibits the tetrameric pyruvate kinase isoform M2, thus blocking glucose-driven aerobic respiration. This results(More)
The design of larger architectures from smaller molecular building blocks by element-element coupling reactions is one of the key concerns of synthetic chemistry, so a number of strategies were developed for this bottom-up approach. A general scheme is the coupling of two elements with opposing polarity or that of two radicals. Here, we show that a B-B(More)
A series of functionalized diaza- and tetraazatetracenes was synthesized, either by condensation of an aromatic diamine with an ortho-quinone/diethyloxalate followed by chlorination with POCl(3) to give diazatetracenes or by palladium-catalyzed coupling of a phenylenediamine with various 2,3-dichloroquinoxalines to give tetraazatetracenes (after oxidation(More)
Several small paramagnetic complexes combine large hyperfine NMR shifts with large magnetic anisotropies. The latter are a prerequisite for single molecule magnet (SMM) behavior. We choose the SMM tris(octabutoxyphthalocyaninato) diterbium (1) for a high resolution NMR study where we combined for the first time a comprehensive (1)H and (13)C chemical shift(More)
After the crash of an airplane in Nepal in the year 2002, the dental status of the 14 European victims was examined at autopsy as well as after additional removal of the soft tissue and compared with antemortem findings which were available in 11 cases. Re-examination of all jaws showed that nine composite fillings and seven root fillings as well as one(More)
The phthalocyaninato double-decker complexes [M(obPc)2 ](0) (M= Y(III) , Tb(III) , Dy(III) ; obPc=2,3,9,10,16,17,23,24-octabutoxyphthalocyaninato), along with their reduced ([M(obPc)2 ](-) [P(Ph)4 ](+) ; M=Tb(III) , Dy(III) ) and oxidized ([M(obPc)2 ](+) [SbCl6 ](-) (M=Y(III) , Tb(III) ) counterparts were studied with (1) H, (13) C and 2D NMR. From the NMR(More)
Reported are the syntheses, structures and magnetic properties, also by NMR spectroscopy in solution, of a series of 13 linear trinuclear 3d-4f compounds with a lanthanide(iii) surrounded by two NiII ions, NiLnIII, where the central LnIII is hexacoordinate. For three of the crystal structures, an additional H2O molecule is coordinated to the central LnIII(More)
In this work, the oxidation of several new dinuclear metal (M) acetate complexes of the redox-active guanidino-functionalized aromatic compound (GFA) 1,2,4,5-tetrakis(tetramethylguanidino)benzene (1) was studied. The complexes [1{M(OAc)2}2] (M = Ni or Pd) were oxidized to the radical monocationic complexes [1{M(OAc)2}2](+ •). From CV (cyclic voltammetry)(More)