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We consider a model dense colloidal dispersion at the glass transition, and investigate the connection between equilibrium stress fluctuations, seen in linear shear moduli, and the shear stresses under strong flow conditions far from equilibrium, viz., flow curves for finite shear rates. To this purpose, thermosensitive core-shell particles consisting of a(More)
  • C C Ton, H Hirvonen, H Miwa, M M Weil, P Monaghan, T Jordan +4 others
  • 1991
Based on the map location of the aniridia (AN) locus in human chromosomal band 11p13, we have cloned a candidate AN cDNA (D11S812E) that is completely or partially deleted in two patients with AN. The less than 70 kb smallest region of overlap between the two deletions encompasses the 3' coding region of the cDNA. This cDNA, which spans over 50 kb of(More)
We report on a comprehensive investigation of the flow behavior of colloidal thermosensitive core-shell particles at high densities. The particles consist of a solid core of poly(styrene) onto which a network of cross-linked poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) is affixed. Immersed in water the shell of these particles will swell if the temperature is low. Raising(More)
The replication protein ORF904 from the plasmid pRN1 is a multifunctional enzyme with ATPase-, primase- and DNA polymerase activity. Sequence analysis suggests the presence of at least two conserved domains: an N-terminal prim/pol domain with primase and DNA polymerase activities and a C-terminal superfamily 3 helicase domain with a strong double-stranded(More)
Deficits or overexpression of neurotrophins cause neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders. These proteins are required for the maintenance of the function, plasticity and survival of neurons in the central (CNS) and peripheral nervous systems. Significant efforts have been devoted to developing therapeutic delivery systems that enable control(More)
This paper presents an axiomatic framework for the priority heuristic, a model of bounded rationality in Selten's (in: Gigerenzer and Selten (eds.) Bounded rationality: the adaptive toolbox, 2001) spirit of using empirical evidence on heuristics. The priority heuristic predicts actual human choices between risky gambles well. It implies violations of(More)
This paper describes a comparative study on the performances of ethosomes and solid lipid nanoparticle as delivery systems for acyclovir. Ethosomes were spontaneously produced by dissolution of phosphatidylcholine and acyclovir in ethanol followed by addition of an aqueous buffer while solid lipid nanoparticle were produced by homogenization and(More)
a We report on the use of binary mixtures of oppositely charged gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) and spherical polyelectrolyte brushes (SPBs), consisting of a polystyrene core onto which long polystyrene sulfonate chains are grafted, as a simple model system to investigate the influence of directional interactions on self-assembly. We demonstrate that the mixing(More)
Adsorption of colloidal particles presents an interesting alternative to the modification of surfaces using covalent coupling or physisorption of molecules. However, to tailor the properties of these materials full control over the effective particle-substrate interactions is required. We present a systematic investigation of the adsorption of spherical(More)
Evaluation of effects of amitriptyline, imipramine, maprotiline, mianserin , clomipramine and citalopram was performed in 84 patients (49 females and 35 males) age on average 40 years with diagnosis of affective psychosis treated in the Department of Psychiatry Medical School of Szczecin. Antidepressants independently from their pharmacological profile(More)