Markus Drechsler

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Deficits or overexpression of neurotrophins cause neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders. These proteins are required for the maintenance of the function, plasticity and survival of neurons in the central (CNS) and peripheral nervous systems. Significant efforts have been devoted to developing therapeutic delivery systems that enable control(More)
The present article describes a comparative study of the performances of liposomes and ethosomes as specialized delivery systems for distamycin A (DA) and two of its derivatives. Liposomes and ethosomes were prepared by classical methods, extruded through polycarbonate filters, and characterized in terms of dimensions, morphology, and encapsulation(More)
This paper describes a comparative study on the performances of ethosomes and solid lipid nanoparticle as delivery systems for acyclovir. Ethosomes were spontaneously produced by dissolution of phosphatidylcholine and acyclovir in ethanol followed by addition of an aqueous buffer while solid lipid nanoparticle were produced by homogenization and(More)
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