Markus Dihlmann

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An Interactive Genetic Algorithm system is proposed for designing a car silhouette while involving the style designer in the evaluation process of a population of individuals. This IGA is based on the principle of an indirect encoding of a closed curve genome using a primary Fourier decomposition. A crossing over operator is proposed for mixing the parents’(More)
So as to create innovative car silhouettes, we propose in this paper a model based on an Interactive Genetic Algorithm using an encoding of a design solution by a Fourier analysis approach. This model permits the designer to browse through generations of car profiles from an initial population of existing silhouettes. By qualitatively assessing each(More)
We propose in this paper a car silhouettes design model based on an Interactive Genetic Algorithm. The design solutions are indirectly encoded by a Fourier analysis approach. Thus after creating an initial population, the designer is able to evaluate himself generations of car profiles, in order to converge towards an individual which meets its(More)
l report a model based es. By qualitatively assessing each re based on a similarity matrix, a similarity Acknowledgments ha l-0 07 97 02 0, v er si on 1 5 M ar 2 01 3 François Cluzel, Bernard Yannou & Markus Dilhmann Ecole Centrale Paris November 2010 Evolutive design 2/41 Technical Report Evolutive design of car silhouettes using an interactive genetic(More)
An Interactive Genetic Algorithm is proposed to progressively sketch the desired side-view of a car profile. It adopts a Fourier decomposition of a 2D profile as the genotype, and proposes a cross-over mechanism. In addition, a formula function of two genes’ discrepancies is fitted to the perceived dissimilarity between two car profiles. This similarity(More)
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