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It is shown that the amount of true randomness produced by the recently introduced Galois and Fibonacci ring oscillators can be evaluated experimentally by restarting the oscillators from the same initial conditions and by examining the time evolution of the standard deviation of the oscillating signals. The restart approach is also applied to classical(More)
After years of discussion within the RFID security community whether or not asymmetric cryptography would be feasible for RFID tags, we present a major breakthrough towards RFID products incorporating asymmetric authentication. For the challenge-response protocol applied, the response is calculated by performing an elliptic curve point multiplication using(More)
This paper suggests a new method of power analysis, similarity power analysis, which overcomes the numerics and complexity problems of the template attacks. Similarity power analysis learns characteristics of the device to attack in a profiling phase and is then able to determine a secret key from a single power trace. Similarity power analysis is a black(More)