Markus Degen

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In a field study we compared usage and acceptance of a mobile lifestyle coaching application with a traditional web application. The participants (N=40) documented health behaviour (activity and healthy nutrition) daily, trying to reach a defined goal. In addition, health questionnaires and social facilitation features were provided to enhance motivation.(More)
Contracts are a proven tool in software development. They provide specifications for operations that may be statically verified or dynamically validated by contract monitoring. Contract monitoring for lazy programming languages does not have a generally accepted basis. This paper discusses three approaches, eager, semi-eager, and lazy monitoring, all of(More)
Teaching the introductory course on programming is hard, even with well-proven didactic methods and material. This is a report on the first-year programming course taught at Tübingen and Freiburg universities. The course builds on the well-developed systematic approaches using functional programming, pioneered by the PLT group. In recent years, we have(More)
Automated collection and storage of medical data leads to large amounts of heterogeneous and time-dependent information. Out of this follows the problem of how to access and interpret this data, in order to support therapeutic decision making. Telemedical disease management holds great potential for the efficient and effective treatment of chronic diseases.(More)