Markus D. Klemen

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IT-security has become a much diversified field and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), in particular, do not have the financial ability to implement a holistic IT-security approach. We thus propose a security ontology, to provide a solid base for an applicable and holistic IT-security approach for SMEs, enabling low-cost risk management and threat(More)
The security of corporate business processes is crucial for the business success of companies. Existing business process management methodologies barely consider security and dependability objectives. Business processes and security issues are developed separately and often do not follow the same strategy. Growing business integration and legal requirements(More)
Growing business integration raises the need for secure business processes as security problems can affect the profit and the reputation of a company. However, decisions regarding a reasonable level of security in a business environment are often made in a value-neutral way.This paper presents a framework for the valuation of cost-benefit of various(More)
Desktop search tools are becoming more popular. They have to deal with increasing amounts of locally stored data. Another approach is to analyze the semantic relationship between collected data in order to preprocess the data semantically. The goal is to allow searches based on relationships between various objects instead of focusing on the name of(More)
Threat analysis and mitigation, both essential for corporate security, are time consuming, complex and demand expert knowledge. We present an approach for simulating threats to corporate assets, taking the entire infrastructure into account. Using this approach effective countermeasures and their costs can be calculated quickly without expert knowledge and(More)
We propose a security ontology, to provide a solid base for an applicable and holistic IT-Security approach for SMEs, enabling lowcost threat analysis. Based on the taxonomy of computer security and dependability by Landwehr [ALRL04] and the threat classification according to Peltier [Pel01], a heavy-weight ontology can be used to organize and(More)
Desktop search tools are becoming more popular; they allow full text searches using inverted indexes. Yet, the amount of locally stored data that they have to deal with is increasing rapidly. A different approach is to analyze the semantic relationships among collected data and thus preprocess the data semantically. The goal is to allow searches based on(More)
Ontologies are more commonly used today but still little consideration is given of how to efficiently store them. The proposed approach is built on reliable and efficient relational database management systems (RDBMS). It can be easily implemented for other systems and due to its vendor independence existing data can be migrated from one RDBMS to another(More)
Purpose of this paper Today the amount of all kind of digital data (e.g., documents and e-mails), existing on every user’s computer, is continuously growing. Users are faced with huge difficulties when it comes to handling the existing data pool and finding specific information respectively. We aim to discover new ways of searching and finding(More)