Markus-Christian Amann

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Marc Rioux National Research Council, Canada Institute for Information Technology Visual Information Technology Ottawa, Canada, K1A 0R6 Abstract. We review some usual laser range finding techniques for industrial applications. After outlining the basic principles of triangulation and time of flight [pulsed, phase-shift and frequency modulated continuous(More)
A novel long-wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) structure based on a subwavelength high-contrast grating (HCG) as the output mirror has been realized. By design, these devices are highly polarization stable, are single mode at large apertures, and solve the VCSEL-mirror problem at long wavelengths in an elegant way. With(More)
Heterogeneously integrated InP-based type-II quantum well Fabry-Perot lasers on a silicon waveguide circuit emitting in the 2.3 µm wavelength range are demonstrated. The devices consist of a "W"-shaped InGaAs/GaAsSb multi-quantum-well gain section, III-V/silicon spot size converters and two silicon Bragg grating reflectors to form the laser cavity. In(More)
1.55-microm vertical cavity surface-emitting low-parasitic lasers show open eyes up to 22-Gb/s modulation speed. Uncooled error-free operation over a wide temperature range up to 85 degrees C under constant bias conditions is demonstrated at 12.5-Gb/s data rate. At these fixed bias conditions the laser characteristics are practically invariant with(More)
The heterogeneous integration of InP-based type-II quantum well photodiodes on silicon photonic integrated circuits for the 2 µm wavelength range is presented. A responsivity of 1.2 A/W at a wavelength of 2.32 µm and 0.6 A/W at 2.4 µm wavelength is demonstrated. The photodiodes have a dark current of 12 nA at -0.5 V at room temperature. The absorbing active(More)
We present an extended ensemble Monte Carlo approach, allowing for the self-consistent modeling of terahertz difference frequency generation in quantum cascade lasers. Our simulations are validated against available experimental data for a current room temperature design. Tera-hertz output powers in the mW range are predicted for ideal light extraction.
In this paper, the enhanced high-speed performance and energy-efficiency of 1.3 μm Short-Cavity VCSEL with buried-tunnel-junction is reported. Error-free data-transmission at 30 Gb/s up to 10 km and at 25 Gb/s up to 25 km is performed at room temperature over single mode fiber. Furthermore, low energy-to-data-distance ratios of 24 fJ/(bit·km)(More)
Utilizing narrow band gap nanowire (NW) materials to extend nanophotonic applications to the mid-infrared spectral region (>2-3 μm) is highly attractive, however, progress has been seriously hampered due to their poor radiative efficiencies arising from nonradiative surface and Auger recombination. Here, we demonstrate up to ~ 10(2) times enhancements of(More)
NISHANT NOOKALA, JONGWON LEE, MYKHAILO TYMCHENKO, J. SEBASTIAN GOMEZ-DIAZ, FREDERIC DEMMERLE, GERHARD BOEHM, KUEIFU LAI, GENNADY SHVETS, MARKUS-CHRISTIAN AMANN, ANDREA ALU,* AND MIKHAIL BELKIN Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712, USA School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ulsan(More)