Markus Burgmer

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BACKGROUND Psychotherapy is the treatment of choice for patients with anorexia nervosa, although evidence of efficacy is weak. The Anorexia Nervosa Treatment of OutPatients (ANTOP) study aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of two manual-based outpatient treatments for anorexia nervosa--focal psychodynamic therapy and enhanced cognitive behaviour(More)
Dissociative paralysis in conversion disorders has variably been attributed to a lack of movement initiation or an inhibition of movement. While psychodynamic theory suggests altered movement conceptualization, brain activation associated with observation and replication of movements has so far not been assessed neurobiologically. Here, we measured brain(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental stress has been shown to have analgesic as well as allodynic effect in animals. Despite the obvious negative influence of stress in clinical pain conditions, stress-induced alteration of pain sensitivity has not been tested in humans so far. Therefore, we tested changes of pain sensitivity using an experimental stressor in ten female(More)
Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is characterized by widespread pain. Studies with functional neuroimaging support the hypothesis of central pain augmentation in FMS. We tested this in our study with a novel paradigm of tonic pain induced by a single stimulus. Tonic pain, in contrast to phasic pain, seems to be a more appropriate experimental approach to study(More)
INTRODUCTION The neurobiological basis of non-organic movement impairments is still unknown. As conversion disorder and hypnotic states share many characteristics, we applied an experimental design established in conversion disorder to investigate hypnotic paralysis. METHODS Movement imitation and observation were investigated by functional magnetic(More)
Introduction: The objective of this study was to investigate the influence of accidents, the physical and psychological consequences, the patient’s predisposition as well as work-related cognitions on return to work (RTW) post accident. Despite the costs of time-off from work after accidental injuries, very few investigations have been carried out so far.(More)
Seit 1998 wird das “Sisi-Syndrom” als eine besondere Ausprägungsform der Depression in den Medien erwähnt und Aussagen über Nosologie,Genese und Behandlungsmöglichkeiten dargestellt. In der nachfolgenden Arbeit werden anhand der zugrunde liegenden Untersuchungen und Veröffentlichungen die Aussagen zum “Sisi-Syndrom” kritisch überprüft. Dabei können bislang(More)
OBJECTIVE Studies in fibromyalgia syndrome with functional neuroimaging support the hypothesis of central pain augmentation. To determine whether structural changes in areas of the pain system are additional preconditions for the central sensitization in fibromyalgia we performed voxel based morphometry in patients with fibromyalgia and healthy controls. (More)
OBJECTIVE Anticipation of pain influences its cerebral processing and dysfunctional cognitive style like catastrophizing correlates with the severity of pain. Patients with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) exhibit higher levels of catastrophizing, increased attention to pain, and augmented cerebral pain processing. Therefore, alteration in cerebral processing(More)
Hypnotic paralysis has been used since the times of Charcot to study altered states of consciousness; however, the underlying neurobiological correlates are poorly understood. We investigated human brain function during hypnotic paralysis using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), focussing on two core regions of the default mode(More)