Markus Burghardt

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The water permeability of the leaves of three deciduous plants (Acer campestre, Fagus sylvatica, Quercus petraea) and two evergreen plants (Hedera helix, Ilex aquifolium) was analysed in order to assess its role as a mechanism of drought resistance. Cuticular permeances were determined by measurement of the water loss through adaxial, astomatous leaf(More)
The permeability of astomatous leaf cuticular membranes of Hedera helix L. was measured for uncharged hydrophilic (octanol/water partition coefficient log K(O/W) < or =0) and lipophilic compounds (log K(O/W) >0). The set of compounds included lipophilic plant protection agents, hydrophilic carbohydrates, and the volatile compounds water and ethanol.(More)
Maximum likelihood analysis of 113 rbcL sequences leads to a well resolved phylogeny of Jungermanniales. All species with perigynia or marsupia are found in one clade, whereas species with coelocaules are placed in several lineages. The broadly circumscribed Geocalycaceae (including Lophocoleaceae) of most recent authors are resolved as polyphyletic.(More)
Cuticular waxes represent the first and, in most cases, the limiting barrier for foliar uptake of pesticides from solution. Sorption of pesticides in reconstituted cuticular wax (wax/water partition coefficients) of Chenopodium album L. and in isolated cuticular membranes (cuticle/water partition coefficients) of Prunus laurocerasus L. was determined.(More)
Maintaining the integrity of the cuticular transpiration barrier even at elevated temperatures is of vital importance especially for hot-desert plants. Currently, the temperature dependence of the leaf cuticular water permeability and its relationship with the chemistry of the cuticles are not known for a single desert plant. This study investigates whether(More)
Die Web Service Technologie bietet die Möglichkeit, Anwendungen verteilt und unabhängig von Programmiersprache und Plattform zu implementieren, wobei weit verbreitete Standards wie HTTP oder XML als Basis verwendet werden. Der Erfolg der Web Service Technologie hängt jedoch nicht nur von diesen technischen Determinanten ab, sondern auch ökonomische Aspekte(More)
In litchi and longan fruits, a specialised pericarp controls water loss by a protective system consisting of two resistances in series and two water reservoirs separated by a barrier. In the fruits of litchi (Litchi chinensis) and longan (Dimocarpus longan), the pericarp is solely a protective structure lacking functional stomata and completely enclosing(More)
The permeability of seed coats to solutes either of biological or anthropogenic origin plays a major role in germination, seedling growth and seed treatment by pesticides. An experimental set-up was designed for investigating the mechanisms of seed coat permeation, which allows steady-state experiments with isolated seed coats of Pisum sativum. Permeances(More)