Markus Brunk

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Coupled systems of differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) may suffer from insta-bilities during a dynamic iteration. For a general dynamic iteration, we extend the existing analysis on recursion estimates, error transport and stability to a general DAE setting. In this context, we discuss the influence of certain coupling structures and the computational(More)
We present an approach for automatic bone age classification from hand x-ray images using the Discriminative Generalized Hough Transform (DGHT). To this end, a region, characteristic for the bone age (e.g. an epiphyseal plate), is localized and subsequently classified to determine the corresponding age. Both steps are realized using the DGHT, whereat the(More)
A coupled semiconductor–circuit model including thermal effects is proposed. The charged particle flow in the semiconductor devices is described by the energy-transport equations for the electrons and the drift-diffusion equations for the holes. The electric circuit is modeled by the network equations from modified nodal analysis. The coupling is realized(More)
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