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Solutions calculated by Evolutionary Algorithms have come to surpass exact methods for solving various problems. The Rubik's Cube multiobjective optimization problem is one such area. In this work we present an evolutionary approach to solve the Rubik's Cube with a low number of moves by building upon the classic Thistlethwaite's approach. We provide a(More)
The prediction of essential biological features based on a given protein sequence is a challenging task in computational biology. To limit the amount of in vitro verification, the prediction of essential biological activities gives the opportunity to detect so far unknown sequences with similar properties. Besides the application within the identification(More)
The human daily and the professional life demand a high amount of communication ability, but every fourth adult above 50 is hearing-impaired, a fraction that steadily increases in an aging society. For an autonomous, self-confident and long productive life, a good speech understanding in everyday life situations is necessary to reduce the listening effort.(More)