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This paper presents the AWARE platform that seeks to communications [5]. However, in many scenarios, the motion enable the cooperation of autonomous aerial vehicles with ground of the mobile nodes installed on ground vehicles or carried by wireless sensor-actuator networks comprising both static and mobile persons is very constrained, due to the(More)
This paper deals with the cooperation and control of multiple UAVs with sensing and ac-tuation capabilities. An architecture to perform cooperative missions with a multi-UAV platform is presented. The interactions between UAVs are not only information exchanges but also physical couplings required to cooperate in the joint transportation of a single load.(More)
It is generally accepted that systems composed of multiple aerial robots with autonomous cooperation capabilities can assist responders in many search and rescue (SAR) scenarios. In most of the previous research work, the aerial robots are mainly considered as platforms for environmental sensing and have not been used to assist victims. In this paper,(More)
— In this paper an approach for control of autonomously flying robots with vertical take off and landing capabilities (VTOL) is presented. After reviewing that the motion description for different VTOL-robots is very similar, the general control scheme for VTOL-robots is presented. This scheme is based on linearisation and decoupling using inversion of the(More)
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