Markus Bajones

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In this paper, we propose an efficient semantic segmentation framework for indoor scenes, tailored to the application on a mobile robot. Semantic segmentation can help robots to gain a reasonable understanding of their environment, but to reach this goal, the algorithms not only need to be accurate, but also fast and robust. Therefore, we developed an(More)
— This paper presents the behaviour control of a service robot for intelligent object search in a domestic environment. A major challenge in service robotics is to enable fetch-and-carry missions that are satisfying for the user in terms of efficiency and human-oriented perception. The proposed behaviour controller provides an informed intelligent search(More)
Service robots for the domestic environment are intended to autonomously provide support for their users. However, state-of-the-art robots still often get stuck in failure situations leading to breakdowns in the interaction flow from which the robot cannot recover alone. We performed a multiuser Wizard-of-Oz experiment in which we manipulated the robot's(More)
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